Video of me playing ‘The Chapel of Unrest’ in The Bedford last week! Please TWEET and SHARE it round! :) x

Day 6 - view from a hospital

Day 5 - the arm twister

Day 4 - a student breakfast

Day 3 - 2 reasons that I’m scum

Day 2 - student diet!

Day 1 - First Day Back at Uni, most of my stuff is unpacked….. Mum appears to have bought me pink bed clothes….. FML

Attempt 2

After a severe arm twisting, I have decided to attempt this a 2nd time, since I failed after a grand total of 5 Days last year!! So, starting tomorrow, 07/01/2013, I will once again attempt to upload one photo a day for an entire year!

Taken 05/01/2012, Day 5 of my Project365 Challenge.

'Aces High' - Taken at a Poker Night at my top boy Rob Amey's house (Rob's also doing a photo-a-day challenge, you can see his HERE). I lost, horribly. 

Taken 04/01/2012, Day 4 of my Project365 Challenge.

'Paper Shredders Suck' - My girlfriends mother and myself spent an entire afternoon shredding paper to pack a box of stuff I needed to ship. How did we spend HALF A DAY doing this you may ask? The shredder overheated every 5 minutes, needing 20 minutes each time to cool down. There was also a lot of bubble wrap involved, hence the photo